About Us 
Back in 1969 an old friend opened up a second hand shop and naturally invited us to take a look-in to see how well things were going.  
Sadly we were disappointed with the soul-less atmosphere created by his silent rows of cookers, fridges, vacuum cleaners and washing machines - all things people NEED perhaps, but there were none of the second hand goodies that people actually WANT. Things like Hi-fi, cameras, watches, guitars or jewellery.  
So... it was “sorry Harry, a very dreary shop, offering good value but very boring!”.  
Just 3 months later we opened our own version of a new kind of store stocking only thoses goodies we all WANT, but often can’t afford to buy new. To make our intentions clear, we named the company Wants and people liked it.  
We found that we were the very first second hand store to offer solid money-back guarantees, in a world where old style junk shops displayed notices saying “All goods sold as seen. No refunds!”, and people liked our fresh approach.  
So that was the beginning, around 40 years ago and customers are still saying it’s a good idea.  
Today we have 6 stores in Plymouth, Exeter and St Austell and now offer a choice from over 300 guitars, a hundred + value for money cameras, the biggest range of antique and second hand jewellery in the South West, plus acres of computers, sports goods and hi-fi to browse through, along with televisions, mobile phones and whatever’s hot today!  
Wants 3 Market Way Plymouth
Wants 1 Trinity Street St Austell
Wants/The Gold Centre 91 New George Street
In the mid 70’s a major development came out of a chance meeting on a train with a very switched-on guy.  
Our new friend was based in Hatton Garden jewellery quarter, importing gold chains, bracelets and earrings direct from leading Italian manufacturers and things were going very very well for him.  
A great success story based on a simple recipe of low mark-ups and high volume sales, and surely this was a great opportunity for Wants. Our figures scribbled on the back of the envelope added up to BRILLIANT! So brilliant in fact we simply had to take it on.  
So by undercutting traditional high street jewellers sky high mark-ups, we first brought discount jewellery at affordable prices to Plymouth.  
This development proved so popular that WANTS opened THE GOLD CENTRE as our dedicated jewellery platform.  
Our girls became known as ‘THE CHAIN GANG’ of course and customer flocked in.  
Our advertising said it all....”buy elsewhere and you’ll pay a good deal more for a good deal less”. Probably nothing quite as exciting has happened since to WANTS or the South West, but we still hang in there. Nowadays we'realso offering easy buy back options on treasured possessions.  
Wants 139 Armada Way Plymouth
Wants 147 Sidwell Street Plymouth
Interesting Facts 
We still have a customer who bought a Kenwood mixer deluxe from us in the 80’s and he tells us that it’s still working a treat for his third wife.  
‘The Pretty Things’ had to double park - all doors left open, of course - when they roared in to buy a Vox AC30 from the Market Way branch. And they got away with it..... the parking that is!  
‘The Sex Pistols” DIDN'T trash some gear they hired around 1976!  
WANTS sponsored a mixed hockey team in the local division 3 back in 1991, supplying kit and pitch hire. Members of staff still turn out regularly and we’ve just gained promotion to the premier division.  
In the 70’s we invented the ‘Buy Back’ option for customers looking for cash who didn’t want to permanently part with their goods.  
Today, we still offer expert but friendly service, unusually good parking, free delivery and collection and solid guarantees of course.  
Check us out at any of our locations and talk to a team member who knows the product and how it works.  
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